JEM in Arizona

Em came down to visit me in Arizona for the first of what we expected would be a long run of monthly visits. She’s in Vancouver, BC and I’m in Tempe, AZ, some 2,000 miles away.


First food in Arizona for Ms. Em: Prickly Pear.

We took advantage of it being Thursday and scurried up to Sedona to beat the weekend crowds. Opting not for the close campsite to Sedona, we tucked in at Cave Springs Campsite up Oak Creek and spent the last cool hours of daylight exploring down in the creek.pjimage

img_0149All rock climbing should be done in as little clothing as possible.


The next day we hiked West Fork. Its rated one of the best trails in the US and I can see why. It’s shady and cool with massive red rock walls, and a moderate slope thats easy enough for your grandma. We took our time looking at bugs, climbing logs, and making photos.img_0393-editThat night we caught the sunset from Airport vortex. We cavemanned a one-bowl special of some beef, salsa and tortillas, drank beers and walked around barefoot like we owned the place.
When the sun set, we hit the road toward the old mining town of Jerome. We spent the night grooving to the tunes of Lorin Walker Madsen, a rebel-country rocker from SLC, and exploring our spooky old hotel on Main St.
Jerome is home to the biggest collection of kaleidoscopes. They are in a shop open to the public that you could spend hours in distorting your vision. There is a wholesome organic cafe on the corner called Flatiron, that is well worth your money for the smiles and blessings from the pleasant staff.

img_0396We intended to hike Flatiron (the trail in the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction) but drank all of our water on the approach and lazed on some rocks like lizards waiting for it to cool down enough that we could retreat without fainting.

Luckily Canyon Lake cooled us off a bit.
We both made videos. Leave a comment below on who’s you like better 😉


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