Dinosaur Provincial Park, AB

Two and a half hours southeast of Calgary, lies a little gem nestled in the basement of the prairies. You drive along and its flat and then as you drop down off the mesa into the Red Deer River Valley, you cut through millions of years of rock and sediment. Its a spectacular view that feels out of place, and brought back memories for me from Utah and New MexicoIMG_0095IMG_0202We spent the weekend exploring the educational trails in the park. Every few hundred feet there is a sign that explains the geological history and features. At sunset we hiked around the hoodoos taking shots and making photos.IMG_0225 IMG_0199      PicMonkey Collage2IMG_0224IMG_0141IMG_0092 PicMonkey CollageThe Coulee Viewpoint Trail, that starts behind the museum, offers the most geologic diversity and nice viewpoints of the valley. IMG_0130    PicMonkey Collage4IMG_0107Camping at the site was pretty average: lots of noisy kids, smelly outhouses. I was glad there were so many trees that we could hang our hammocks and read and relax in the sunshine. We kept our fire going pretty much non-stop =, half for something to do, half to stay warm.  PicMonkey Collage3  PicMonkey Collage5IMG_0285 IMG_0307The Cottonwood Trail is worth doing, especially if you catch some cool weather. The leaves were all yellow and there was some fog rolling through when I snuck off up there on Sunday morning.IMG_0296


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