Making Videos

One day I was checking Facebook and a few friends had sent me a link for a contest they thought I would be interested in. I got way too excited right away, and immediately sought out a partner to help me film a 60 second entry video. I thought about my friends who do photo/video, and like to travel, and invited just about everyone I knew to participate with me. This became an issue when I had a couple friends keen to collaborate. But, as it does, life intervened, partners dropped out, and I decided to do a solo entry. St. Mark's

I threw all of the ideas I had been working on out the window. With only three days until the contest deadline, I spent everyday exploring: beaches, parks, and mountain tops. I filmed snippets with a vague sense of direction. I was really just hoping to review all the footage and have a storyline stand out at me. All said and done, I had more footage than I knew what to do with. Help from Alyssa, Brad, Chris, Emily and Nik proved invaluable for shots I couldn’t film with a tripod and timer. The night before the deadline I recorded a voice over and put the pieces in to place. Check out my entry and cross your fingers for me.


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