Last days in Mexico

After racing across mexico it was nice to chill out in Cancun, but after 10 days it was time to get fired up again. My plan was to hit the big party town south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, for New Years. Playa is home to the BPM festival that would host Alesso and Steve Aoki a few days after new years, so I figured I was due for a good party if I showed up there. I got into town and could only contact Fernanda, so I parked my van outside her hostel and joined them for a dinner at the hostel accompanied by a free drink and access to a bar after new years, all for the great price of 15$ or something. The food was crap, the drink was worse, and I left early and missed the after party.GOPR4521 GOPR4485 GOPR4435
Cruising around the tourist strips of Playa on New Years was like walking down Granville St. after Canada won the men’s hockey gold. Shoulder to shoulder people bumping along aimlessly in no sensible fashion.
Fortunately, I ran in to the other friend I had met in Guadalajara, Cecile, just by coincidence on the street, and hung out with her and her friend and brother for the rest of the night. They had tickets to some beach party that was 50$, so when they went there I went around to the beach side and ducked under the fence. The party was pretty fun, but not as good as I had hoped for. After a new years kiss I headed back to the van ready for rest.20150101.145204[1]
The next day I dragged my hungover ass from the backseat to the front seat and pointed my wheels more south, to Tulum. For NYE, the night before, Nicolas Jaar, Odesza, and Gold Panda were playing shows in Tulum, but because I didn’t know anybody and tickets were expensive I regretfully chose to stay in Playa.20150101.145337[1]
All I knew about Tulum was a couple things my sister had emailed me about some luxury hotels and this and that. Before getting into Tulum proper, I pulled off the highway and ducked into the heritage site with ruins on the edge of cliffs over looking the Carribean Sea. Its a picturesque location, but the ruins are nothing to get excited about. I took the opportunity to set up my hammock and rest off my hangover. multitasking, I also snagged my first couple product shots.20150106.074655[1]
Tulum turned out to be a really chill place. After the ruins, while looking for camping, I ran into a Spanish girl hitching a ride. She told me she started partying at 4AM and was just leaving the beach now, still high on so many drugs. Her ride was cut short when I found camping shortly after at Playa Roca. There I met some homies from England that had all met up for the holidays in Tulum, a couple cool homies from Powel River, and some other dudes that drove down in a van from Quebec, who I had met in Sayulita.20150106.074623[1]
It was a fun few days, playing under the full moon on the white sandy beaches, cooking together and doing family bike rides. And after a couple days I was back on the road. I spent my last two days at Lake Baccalar, where I met a couple from France, who were driving an Argentine vw van from Quebec back to Argentina, via Alaska. They were more prepared than I was and gave me some advice on crossing into Belize. GOPR4735 GOPR4626 GOPR4573 While I was at Laguna Azul, I ate/drank coconuts, kayaked, tested my mosquito net, and took full advantage of the wonderful kitchen set up at Laguna Azul. With some hard boiled eggs, two big packs of unshelled pecans, coconuts and other snacks, I set of for Belize and my first time this far South.     20150106.074755[1]


One response to “Last days in Mexico

  1. Good Times! Nothing like following your instincts and the road less-traveled. Not knowing what to expect sometimes leads to the greatest adventures. Thanks for sharing.

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