Christmas in Cancun

I spent my third Christmas in Mexico last year. I am forever grateful for the hospitality of the Charles’ over the holidays. They were too kind and generous for putting up with my dirty hippy ass, eating all their food, and speaking bad Spanish. It was really great to spend the holidays with family instead of in a hostel somewhere in Oaxaca or something. IMG_6849   DCIM100GOPRO
Christmas came early for me. I had arranged with a couple companies to shoot some product shots during my travels, so I had them send deliveries to Cancun. When I arrived I had a new hammock, solar charger backpack, and filter waterbottle. I was excited to get out and test these products, and place them in some cool areas for photos.DCIM100GOPRO
Between delicious lunches and even better dinners, Alberto and I kept busy at the beach, or in the water. He took me surfing a couple times and I got absolutely pummeled by the quick beach break waves of the Gulf Coast. I also had my first paddle boarding experience, on the ocean no less, and I wasn’t totally terrible. I fell in a few times, but managed to get loose enough to flow over the majority of the small waves and wakes generated by boats.20150101.145712[1]DCIM100GOPRO
My homegirl Krisula was killing it with her fam down at Secrets on the strip so I dropped in on her family vacation and mistakenly played a pretty aggressive volleyball game with her dad and ate and drank as much as I could in the day that I spent at her resort. The next day we grabbed her and Fernanda, who we met on the beach a couple days before, and hit a cenote down by Puerto Morelos. We ended the day with a delicious meal enjoyed by the whole family at Alberto’s sister’s restaurant.DCIM100GOPROIMG_6880
At night I would cruise around downtown Cancun on my bike and take in the holiday sights and sounds under cooler skies. After ten days of rest and relaxation in Cancun I was ready to roll. I planned to meet Fernanda and another friend I met in Guadalajara for New Year’s in Playa Del Carmen, and Dec 31st, I was back on the road.20150101.145409[1]


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