The homie Jorge hooked it up huge in Guadalajara.DCIM100GOPROJorge lived in Canada for 5 years before returning to Mexico. In Vancouver he worked for my brother in law’s painting company, developed his English, and learned how to mountain bike. After spending more and more days on the shore, in Squamish and at Whistler, Jorge’s love for mountain biking far outweighed his passion for rock climbing. Since returning to Mexico, Jorge has become the northern Mexico rep for brands like Santa Cruz, GoPro, and Dakine. He lives and breathes mountain biking.IMG_6569
It was an absolute joy to spend a few days in his hometown of Guadalajara with him. We ate the fastest food in the country- beef and bean soup, with endless nachos and beans. We rode in a park were Jorge grew up riding, and he explained to me how the terrain has evolved over the years. On Sunday we were two of the thousands of bikers who went to the biggest park in the city for a family bike ride. Its a cool scene in Guadalajara with literally thousands of people pedaling around this mountain, getting good fun exercise. Jorge’s friend operates a killer little restaurant and campsite in the park where you can go for a fresh smoothie or some chilaquiles post ride.IMG_6589IMG_6597
My last day in Guadalajara I met up with some tinder babes and went to the Cabanas Cultural Institute, an orphanage cum art museum. They had some cool installations that were fun to take some selfies in. While exploring the city by bike (the best way to explore any city), I stumbled into and “abandoned” building that had rubble flowing out onto the street. By climbing up some broken pieces of wall and walking across some rebar I made my way into the second floor of an old roofless/powerless/doorless apartment building. I met two boys doing graffiti who told me they lived there and were super welcoming. In the 15 minutes I hung out there taking photos and looking for a way to the roof, a couple others came and went and another dude told me I was welcome to come sleep there myself.
IMG_6614IMG_6635IMG_6574After months on my second-hand craigslist bicycle, I buckled and decided it was time to spend a few more dollars to take care of her. My chain was way beyond stretched, so I replaced it and my bike was running like a dream again and ready to explore more areas of Mexico.


2 responses to “Guadalajara

  1. Cool pics! I like the globes. I have an Uncle that lives in Lake Chapala. Let me know…if you are in the area. I’ll give you his contact info. Cheers Mate!

  2. THANKS James ! Very cool photographs. Love the white apartment
    and the many bikes. Glad to read you are able to catch up with Dylan.

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