La Costa de Nayarit

The ocean was calling. It had been close to 6 weeks since I left the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, and I needed to get back to the water. Fortunately for me, some good friends of my parents do their winters in a sleepy little town called La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, somewhere between Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. They were kind enough to let me camp out on their roof for a number of nights.

IMG_6059It was a really relaxing time. We tried not to do too much in one day. Yoga in the mornings, fruit everyday for breakfast, followed by some time at the beach or the market and then music or similar activities at night. One day at the market I bought a machete, coconut scooper and sharpening stone for about 8$. It was my mission to forage for my own young coconuts on this trip.IMG_6062IMG_6065IMG_6064I eventually pulled myself out of vacation mode and back into vanlife, making my way up to the not-so-sleepy-anymore surf town, Sayulita. I tucked my van into one of the side streets in the north of town, right off the beach. There, I camped and made friends with an Argentinean couple and some horses.IMG_6077The Argentineans hooked me up with Alvaro, one of the local surf/bike guides for WildMex. Alvaro ended up selling me his old surfboard for 1000pesos.  Chris Van Dine was in town helping out Alvaro on a bike flow park. Its a great big empty lot with some serious rollers, berms and jumps; a pump track on steroids. I helped them dig a couple days and tried my hand at bike polo too. CVD is a super enthusiastic biker and  gets people excited about biking wherever he is. I’m sure the park in Sayulita will be a big success.IMG_6081IMG_6088Using my extensive knot knowledge I learned how to tie some loops that make climbing coconut trees easier. After only a couple scratches and blisters on my hands I retrieved three coconuts from one of the trees I climbed. I biked out to San Pancho on a singletrack trail through the jungle. I also ran into Sam from Transition, and his homies from WA. We spent some times together boating, eating and drinking.GOPR4213 GOPR4211IMG_6083I got to stay with my friend Jess’ dad, Mike in his casita up on the hill. We had some good times partying and chilling out. The sunrises were gorgeous from his rooftop, and easy to catch when rockets are going of all night for the virgin saint. Aside from the rockets, the town was live with anticipation for Dec 12 to celebrate Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. On Dec 3, there was a kick-off party in the plaza with live music and dancing.IMG_6166Talk about a small world, I bumped into another Vancouver buddy, Ashley, down here on assignment, shooting a wedding. while sipping some margs, we got treated to a free massage by the clay magic man.IMG_6167IMG_6213 IMG_6182 IMG_6181 IMG_6178We caught some more great live music one night at Don Pato’s and then next door on the patio and all over the street.


One night I tried to catch the phosphorescence in the ocean under the light of the full moon… I think I had it backwards, and its the new moon when they’re visible, but I caught a cool moonrise.IMG_6259IMG_6273I had to tear myself away from the chilled out beach vibes of Sayulita, but I was coconuts richer, equipped to rip the waves, and dosed on vitamin D.


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