Mexico Pt. 1

Mexico might not be on top of your travel destination list right now, but for me it is. There’s corrupt police, theft, and drugs. But that shit is everywhere in the world. In my opinion, the kind people, spicy food, traditional cultures, and epic landscapes more than make up for it.
mex1-24I heard its best to drive during the day in Mexico, and to get to any border crossings early because they can delay you for longer than necessary. Fortunately for me, Presidio is probably about the chillest border crossing into Mexico. I drove up onto the bridge that crosses the Rio Grande at about 9am. Within 20 minutes I was through the border and pointed towards Ciudad Chihuahua. The border guards didn’t care at all who I was or what I was up to. I held my passport out the window, and with a brief glance and head nod I was ushered on down the road. No stamp, no visa, no car papers. Basically, I’m not even here right now.mex1The road to Chihuahua crossed a couple mountain ranges and passed through lots of cowboy country. I got into Chihuahua late and had a chill night with a couch surfer. The next day I walked to the lavandaria and washed my clothes while adding a few words to my spanish vocabulary. Chihuahua didn’t have much going on for me but I stayed another night with a different couch surfer cuz he had made a big effort to find me a place to stay. Rodrigo imports overstock clothes from the states in bulk and sells them to tiendas in Mexico. He was a great guy to stay with and to talk with about his entrepreneurship and start-ups. From Chihuahua I headed West for Las Barancas del Cobbre (the Copper Canyon).mex1-17mex1-7mex1-6mex1-5I went to the Copper Canyon back in the day with my Granny and sis and mom. We rode the train and did an epic horseback ride down into the bottom of the canyon. This time I volunteered at a hostel for a couple super chill homies: Paco and Borreto. I had heard good things about the bike trails so I was eager to get out and explore the area by bike. The first ride I went on I met up with Hugo Luna, operator of Luna MTB in Creel. mex1-2He’s a real mountain biker through and through, riding a beat up old REI bike with a cracked top tube and fork with blown seals. Hugo took me on a 36km out and back to Rekowata. Then we checked out the DH track that he built on the hill behind his house and hosted the first ever DH race in the Copper Canyon back in July. If you’re ever out there, look up the homie and go for a spin.mex1-3 mex1-4I did the tourist thing and took the train down to Divisadero, an overlook for the Copper Canyon. I wanted to take the train again to recapture a photo that was taken by my mom 13 years ago. In Divisadero you can buy blue corn gorditas, and they are well worth the 25 pesos a pop. The train ride is pretty chilled out with not too much scenery.mex1-13 mex1-12 mex1-11While I was in Creel I also went out for a spin on my own to shoot some selfies.mex1-10 mex1-9 mex1-8

My last day up there I finally figured out that you could bike down into the canyon from Divisadero and catch a gondola back up to the top. So after packing up and saying goodbye to the homies, I shipped down to Divisadero and rode my bike 600m down into the canyon.
mex1-15 mex1-14 mex1-16
With plenty of time left in the day, I 180’d back towards Creel and then South for Durango. I got all tied up at this amazing river on the side of the highway though. Cruising along the single lane road I saw the shimmer of Rio Urique down in the canyon below and had to stop and explore.
mex1-18 mex1-21mex1-23  mex1-20mex1-22

2 responses to “Mexico Pt. 1

  1. Cool adventure! I like your style of travel. You don’t hear too much about this area, but there’s gotta be killer Singletrack at Copper Canyon and you found some! Good to know about the gondola ride back up. Cheers.

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