Craving, In N’ Out and warmer weather I ditched Wyoming to head South into Utah.
I drove through the night and ended up in Ogden, UT.  Camped out on a major slant, halfway up a mountain, 10 feet from N Ogden Canyon Road, I had far from a comfortable sleep. Without any say in the matter I was up early the following morning and looking for somewhere to bike. I decided against riding the 3000′ elevation gain, 19 mile Ben Lommond trail up North Ogden Canyon, and chose to head out to Snow Basin instead.
GOPR1102 It was dead up there, as should be expected for October at any ski resort. Not sure what people are even doing up there in the in-between season. The lifts weren’t running, but you could still pedal up, so I did. I took this photo on maybe the nicest piece of trail, called Moonshine Trees. The trails were pretty crap: loose, sandy, not-technical, and trampled by sheep. I’m pretty glad I didn’t pay for a lift ticket after all.

After refuelling with two protein style Double-Doubles and fries, I explored the town of Ogden, checking out a couple of the local watering holes and going by the old train station. You could climb all over the old locomotives, or at least we did, so that was fun. There wasn’t too much else happening though so I carried on down the road into Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City is a pretty crazy place. Its sorta like the centre of the Mormon universe, similar to Jerusalem in the way that tourists come from all over for religious vacations. Theres some pretty cool architecture and a bit of a happening night life with the University of Utah being there too.IMG_4324IMG_4331IMG_4341
I was supposed to meet my godparents in Montrose, CO, on the 21st, and had a few more stops I wanted to hit in between, so I carried on South down the road.
IMG_4355It was a crystal clear night driving though Eastern Utah, and as I neared the turn off to Moab, I figured I should take a detour into Arches National Park for some night photography.

arches_Panorama1 IMG_4356 IMG_4369
Since I was already basically there, I dipped down in to Moab the next morning and rode the new-to-me trail, Captain Ahab. While riding I bumped into the homie Dave from Fernie and we rode the rest of the trail together.GOPR1191 IMG_4382Now slightly behind schedule, I kept on rolling down into Colorado, to Grand Junction. More photos on facebook here.

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