Continuing on highway 20, I headed East into Idaho, just to get to Wyoming really.
I stopped in Boise and found my way to some trails up above the military reserve. They were super sandy and not very technical. The climbs seemed to drag on for ever with the mellow topography of the area. I had some fun playing around with my gopro though, mounting it to my monopod and taping it to my top tube so it stuck out above my front wheel and took selfies every half second.
I nearly ran over this little dude that was hanging out in the sun on the dirt road that I climbed up for ever and ever on my second day in Boise.
Swoopy turns for days in the grassy hills above Boise.WAOR (1 of 1) IMG_4317 IMG_4315
I pulled into Bruneau Dunes park right as the sun was setting and managed to get a couple shots from the parking lot. I was hoping to venture out to the dunes, but I ran out of light. I’m looking forward to playing around in the sand when I get farther south.IMG_4300
Pocatello, Idaho has some fun trails in the City Creek area. The conditions were all-time when I was out there: cool fall air, tacky dirt, colourful leaves everywhere, and trails all to myself. GOPR1061dunes_Panorama1
I had planned to go to Wyoming because I had never been, but after giving the map a better look it didn’t make sense to go up to Jackson, just for the sake of going. And plus, if I went South into Utah I could get In ‘n Out. More photos on facebook here.


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