Leavenworth is a trippy bavarian town in Southeastern Washington that has a heck of a party in October. The biking is not bad either.

WAOR (3 of 13)I had a stop in Issaquah to get a sim card so I can stay connected (tinder/instagram), and get some groceries at every Canadian’s favourite grocer, Trader Joe’s. The biking zone in Issaquah at Duthie Hill is usually pretty fun. You can pound out quick 15 minute laps on a variety of fun and flowy trails.
WAOR (7 of 13)
When its raining though, its not as fun. I had one lap before it started to dump buckets. I went on a really sloppy second lap and got lost before ending back at the van for the sun to come out. At least I got to get changed into dry clothes.
Having just read an article about Leavenworth on NSMB, I was dead set on adding it to my route. It proved a worthwhile detour. I got there just in time to waste a bunch of money on beers brats and wine at a huge Oktoberfest party. Unfortunately I slept through my planned ride with a homie I met on Trailforks the next morning at 6AM. So I took my sweet time getting ready, using the gas station washroom, eating granola on somebody’s front lawn and charging my phone in somebody’s carport.
WAOR (1 of 13) WAOR (2 of 13) WAOR (4 of 13)The pedal up to Tres Hombres isn’t bad. It took me just over an hour, but I can imagine it would be pretty brutal in the heat of the summer. The ride down was wicked and had me wishing I was on my Covert, not this Norco I bought last week for 500$ off craigslist. Can’t win em all though; at least if this bike gets stolen I won’t be as devastated. Sizeable gap jumps, exposed sandstone rock rollers, and highspeed Kamloops-like single track were all part of the ride down Tres Hombres. If I had more time I would have checked out the other trails, because they’re probably just as good too.
WAOR (5 of 13) WAOR (6 of 13) WAOR (8 of 13) WAOR (9 of 13)
After Leavenworth, I had a bit of a down day in Yakima, WA where I got my windows tinted on the MPV, and got about 7 holes in my tires from goat heads while riding around town. I was eager to chill out in nature a bit after spending all day pedalling around Yakima, so I set my sights on some hot springs in Oregon. After driving 11 miles past the turn off I found the right road and tucked in to this gem of spot. Its only a mile or so off the highway, sheltered behind a hill. The hot spring is actually right next to the Malheur river, so the water isn’t as aromatic as your typical hot spring. I hung out there for a while, going for sunset and sunrise soaks. A bit out of the way, but unique in that you can drive right in, camp right there and its free.WAOR (13 of 13)  WAOR (12 of 13)
I crossed the 45th Parallel and also made this snack on my skateboard while I was in Oregon.
WAOR (11 of 13)WAOR (10 of 13)
More photos on facebook here


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