I’m Driving My Van to Central America

It all started when I was let go from my job with Mount Polley Mine. You know the one that released 10,000,000 m3 of water and 4,500,000 m3 of slurry into Polley Lake. I had been wanting to escape to the South to learn Spanish and learn to surf and this was my opportunity. I didn’t exactly leap into action though, my summer pretty much continued as normal as you can see here, here, and here. It was only in the last couple months, as kids returned to school, and the summer weather started to fade that I realized what I needed to do.

vancouver (2 of 17) copy

I initially planned on hitchhiking to Austin, Texas, land of the music festival, and then flying to Nicaragua. When I finally moved my stuff back to Merritt from Williams Lake, it occurred to me that my old 2000 Mazda MPV is a roadworthy sidekick and is up for the challenge. So I swapped over my plates, made things a little more comfy, sewed some curtains, engineered a vault, bought a less expensive mountain bike, and loaded up the old whip with way too much stuff. But I’m ready for whatever the road has in store for me.

The plan of the hour is to head across the states at about a 45 SE towards Austin, making stops in WA, WY, CO, and NM to bike and visit family along the way. Hoping to hit Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest, Nov 7. I’m looking to expand my portfolio and am open to any photography assignments that you or anybody you know might need help with. I also have one seat for hitch hikers, so pass this on and spread the word.
vancouver (4 of 17) My pals bid me adieu with a beach bonfire in Vancouver and some cheerful messages written in sharpie on my van.

vancouver (1 of 17) I spent my first night in the van parked near Kits Beach. Waking up at 4:30am, it seemed sensible to hop on my bike and have a goodbye bike ride with Vancouver before sunrise. I pedalled through Chinatown, Gastown, Stanley Park, and watched the sunrise up the Fraser Valley from the Lion’s Gate Bridge.
vancouver (7 of 17)vancouver (5 of 17)vancouver (6 of 17)vancouver lions gate long exposurevancouver (9 of 17)vancouver panorama vancouver sunrise vancouver (14 of 17) vancouver (13 of 17) vancouver (10 of 17)vancouver (12 of 17) vancouver (11 of 17)
As the sun rose through the clouds I snapped one last shot of this tree by Lighthouse Park in full Autumn fashion. And then I was off to Washington. Subscribe to Obeezy Photo to follow along with my #obeezyroadtrip. More photos on facebook here.

vancouver lions gate fall autumn


4 responses to “I’m Driving My Van to Central America

  1. Wow Dude! Trey and I have been talking about you lately, wondering what you have been up to while on your adventures. Miss you and hope to see sometime while out and about.

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