Houseboating 2014

I spent three days on three boats with 30+ friends throwing the wildest party Neilsen Beach has ever seen. Don’t ask me how I got looped into this crazy crew of party all-stars, but I sure am glad I did.  The plan for Saturday was to let the newbies have their parties early on while the park rangers are still about handing out fines. Once they started to die down, our boat would come forth and show the rest of them what a real party looks like. With thousands of dollars of stereo equipment, lights, lasers, fog machines, glow paint, decorations and costumes, there wasn’t a single stop that wasn’t pulled.IMG_9970As Bads djayed until the wee hours of the morning we heard comments like “this is the greatest party I have ever been to”, and “you guys brought so much purple”. It was nice to know that our humble boat party was well received.
IMG_0241IMG_0173IMG_0044IMG_0922We spent the rest of the trip relaxing on the Shuswap, with our own private dance party Sunday night, that still somehow attracted guests. I guess we’re good at partying.IMG_9704

Check out more photos on my Facebook page.


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