Accidental Art Project

I happened on some old film of my mom’s, unknowingly double-exposing it, the results were interesting.accidentalart-3My sweet momma, Cat Oborne, used to be a portrait photographer. Back in her day she killed high school graduations, school dances, weddings, you name it. Analog. Chemicals. Film. Hours spent in her dark room. She gave me first camera when I was 15 years old. It was a 35mm Nikormat. I spent about two years learning the basics of photography with that camera, before digital was really a thing yet.accidentalart-4So I found 4 or 5 rolls of film that Momma O had rewound so only a small tail of film hung out of the canister. To anybody but her, they would appear to be unshot. I scooped these rolls hoping I could get some oldschool newschool real-deal instagram effects.. I didn’t consider the professional labels on the side or think that I would ever have a hard time getting the film processed. I just loaded it into my Lomography Fisheye 2 camera and got stoked. It had been a bit since I had shot film so I was eager to get some snaps and free snaps at that!accidentalart-2I had my fisheye camera locked and loaded over the holidays down in Arizona. Then I took it to a fur-fueled Russian theme birthday party. It came to the beach. It survived Coachella. My mom had shot what appears to be my sister doing gymnastics (circa 1989), among other things. I’ve developed two of the 4 rolls shot. The other two are some weird film that I might one day send to Colorado, the only place nearby that it can be processed. Until then, I’ve picked a couple photos to share with you:

accidentalart-5accidentalart-6accidentalart-12 accidentalart-13 accidentalart-14 accidentalart-10 accidentalart-11 accidentalart-7 accidentalart-8

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