Thuggies Throws Down At The Hoedown

The good homies at Thuggies invited me out for an action-packed weekend at Silver Star Mountain Resort. I had to say yes. They were sponsoring an annual freeski competition called the Showdown Throwdown Hoedown, and were supporting team rider, Bauston Wilde who was competing in the open pro category. I came along to shoot photos beside the talented Mike Savage, on behalf of Thuggies. Feeling moderately out-gunned, I opted to shoot black and white all weekend. I also had my GoPro on a monopod to get some unique photo angles.DCIM100GOPROFriday, Brad and I scored some comp lift passes and rode all over the mountain. Taking a mid-day break we scooted down into Vernon for groceries before coming back up, getting hydrated and hitting the hill again in a blizzard for last chair. Friday night we got our party on at the Club Saloon in the village, dancing the night away with DJ Boff Selectah. Standard shenanigans pursued. IMG_9447Saturday was all business, we were up the hill early with the colorful Thuggies booth set up in the beer garden at the Rockstar Park. Nudged in beside Oakley, Skevik Skis, and Rockstar Energy Drink, we slanged over-sized sweaters and basked in the sunshine all day long. DCIM100GOPROBarbecue at Showdown Throwdown Hoedown The competition took place at the Rockstar park, just a short walk from the village. With a beer garden sponsored by local brewery, Okanagan Springs, DJs spinning, and fresh barbecue all within viewing distance of the course, the venue was enticing enough for a good group of spectators. Oakley Judges booth9th Annual Showdown Throwdown Hoedown Thuggies booth in the snowIMG_9380 IMG_9360 IMG_9359Mike Savage making photos for ThuggiesDCIM100GOPROIMG_9335

During Saturday’s qualifiers, Bauston secured a solid spot in finals, and was feeling confident about throwing some double corks on Sunday. After a family dinner, we took to the streets for a photoshoot of Bauston rocking the Thuggies gear. Mike had a great light set-up and I managed to snag a couple shots off the ambient light in the alley. Bauston had hiked up and was airing down into the alley from a tall concrete wall, landing on a pile of snow, and spinning a couple 180s.180 alley drop - Bauston WildeSkis in the snow Building with Dave Belanger for Thuggies PhotoshootIMG_9453180 alley drop - Bauston WildeGorgeous weather graced the mountain all weekend, with the sun shining through the day and just enough snow flurries at night to freshen up the slopes. Finals went down on Sunday and Bauston threw down, but crashed in his big run, losing his chance of a podium finish. Of 24 finalists he recorded a solid 12th, and had fun doing it! The full results can be found here: Silver Star Race ResultsIMG_9437Dog in the village at Silver Star Mountain Resort

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