Rifflandia Part 1

Rifflandia, my last planned festival for the year, went off in total blow-out form. There are stories I am embarrassed to share online, but for the most part it was a weekend filled with heavy drinking, family bike rides, super-sized breakfasts and tons of great music!
We rolled out of bed at 530AM Vancouver time to get to Victoria by a cool quarter to nine Island time. There’s no time change, but everything runs a little slower on Vancouver Island. We were pumped to kick back in the sun, make some new friends, hear good music and live the Island life for a few days.

We got settled in at our digs for the weekend and then went out for a 1030AM beer/breakfast run. After fueling up, we hopped on the bikes and hit the town. We went to pick up our wristbands at Rifflandia HQ and I was semi-sad that I didn’t receive a swag bag. Even the media wristbands looked hokey and could have even been mistaken for a “minors” wristband. We carried on with the family bike ride, checking in at the various festival sponsors trying to win shoes I wouldn’t wear and printed leggings, and generally just killing time. I modded out my ride with a beverage holder for its handlebar and then it was time to test it out.

601359_10100728046950081_661294704_n[1]By this time, the afternoon was getting on and our group grew by a few as the handlebar beers were passed about. We cruised along Dallas rd. like drunk tourists and played in the water. Before I knew it we were back downtown drinking on the BettyandKora yacht just blocks from the Phillips Backyard party plaza. After an insane lineup that actually moved pretty quickly we got inside and listened to Pat Mahoney on the 1s and 2s. I got tired of waiting around for James Murphy and stupidly took off to Market Square with the homie Steve. Danced. Took photos. Found Brad. Got sick. I went to the porta-pottie and promptly passed out, waking up only after The Hood Internet had finished their crappy set.


riff-1 riff-2The Funk Hunters brought it up several notches, but it still wasn’t as good as I remember them at Shambahla. The homie Steve jammed out on his guitar and the DJ Smoothie made it sexy on the saxophone, and we danced we danced under the synthetic snowflakes.riff-4riff-1-2

The homies BettyandKora showed up and we shut down the night with a whimper, wandering off to a not-rooftop party, and calling it quits shortly after. I doubled Brad’s bike back to our pad and dreamed of music of the live variety.

Friday was your typical Brad and James go to a festival day. Drinking way too much way too late, missing most of the early(better) bands and then forgetting the rest of it anyway.
Here’s the quickest recap of 24hrs: Brad made a FunStik. Classified killed it. Z-trip was rad. Walking around lost in Victoria. Trying to call everyone on Google Talk. Here’s some photos: riff-1-3riff-3-2riff-2-2

More photos here. Part 2 is better I promise ❤


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