I ripped down to Canford Station for the Annual Mopalooza music festival, and also to celebrate my folk’s 40th wedding anniversary with them. Set on the edge of the Nicola river at the old railway station, Canford is an ideal festival for any type of gathering, but works especially well for Mopalooza because there are fields for parking and camping and a raised stage for performing. The weather was hot and with minimal bugs, it was a perfect day to spend outdoors listening to great music with friends and family. The Olleks really put a lot of hard work into throwing this event year after year and it remains funded solely by donations.
mopalooza-1Merritt band, Strange Companions start things off with some bluegrass tracks and a solid cover of Wagon Wheel.

mopalooza-3 Next was River City Magic, who played a well -structured set of alt-country/blues jems. The stripped-down sound that is produced from only three musicians works for this band. Maggie Ollek held down the percussion section with only 2 months practice on drums. Ending the set in a fury, JP slayed his guitar while jumping all over the stage and the crowd ate it up.mopalooza-4 mopalooza-5 mopalooza-6

The Fineprint is a young band from Kamloops, BC. These guys play alt-rock inspired by Foo Fighters and Radiohead, and they have a blast while doing it. Their recent single, “City Lights” has been receiving air time on local radio stations. I have a live video here.mopalooza-7 mopalooza-8

The Shimmering Stars are a 4-piece dream-rock band from Vancouver, BC. Formed by frontman Rory Mcclure, Andrew Dergousoff on drums, Brent Sasaki on guitar and vocals, the band has recently connected with bass player Elisha Rembold. Balancing old timey 60s influences and the upbeat popness of tracks like “Sun’s Going Down” , the Shimmering Stars are a pleasure for any audience. They have found a niche that is growing less-nichey by the rising popularity of bands like Beach House and the XX.mopalooza-11 mopalooza-12 mopalooza-13 mopalooza-14

Foreign Dispair treated us to some classic rock from Portland, Oregon with a mixed bag of originals and spot-on cover tracks.mopalooza-18 mopalooza-19

Local legends, the Dungbeatles closed down the night with an all-ages dance party fueled by their irresistible smorgasbord of funk/folk/rock favorites. As the crowd chanted “More Mo!” the band ramped up into one of their crowd favorites, where Mo Ollek puts on a thick East Indian accent. Between lots of laughs, some funky original grooves and a stage-crashing collaboration of all the members ever in the band, the Dungbeatles continued to entertain well into the night. Here’s a video I shot of them performing a jazzy number early in their set.mopalooza-22

More photos here.


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