Sasquatch Festival Day 3 and 4

I’m looping these days together because it rained Monday and I didn’t end up taking any photos Sunday night. Sunday we had a pre-party back at Gold camping over Caesars and stories about Justin Long from the day before. I was dying to see Wild Belle and my co-pilot wanted to see Danny Brown, so we headed in at about 3pm and strolled down to the main stage as D.Brown’s DJ spun a track that went “pussy, pussy, pussy…” His set was pretty hilarious in a snaggle-toothed crack head sort of way.

Danny Brown.

Wild Belle played a hypnotic bass-heavy set with tons of Elliot’s groovy saxophone and Natalie Bergman’s sultry vocals.

Elliot Bergman on the sax.

Wild Belle at the Yeti stage Sunday.

I saw a couple people sleeping and then met up by the tree for the Tallest Man on Earth. Unfortunately nobody I was with really got his swag but he looked like a gem down there on that massive stage in front of that expansive gorge just one little guy twiddling away on his guitar. No matter how dwarfed in appearance he was, his sound boomed across the venue loud and clear.

Tallest Man on Earth being dwarfed by the Gorge.

Tallest Man on Earth being dwarfed by the Gorge.

We had met a couple new friends so it was time for another family photo to celebrate.

Family photo #2

We partied to Dropkick Murphys and took another family photo.

Dropkick Murphys

Then it was time for Shad and for me to forget to see the one band I wanted to see: Shovels and Rope. The next day on the shuttle I overheard how fantastic they were 😦 It was my first time seeing Shad and it was exactly like I hoped, no flamboyant mainstream hip-hop, 3 chainz, booty bitches, or any of that. It was straight to the point clever rap.

Shad K. y’all.

I bumped into some more people I recognized from Canada and then went to Earl Sweatshirt and got shoulder rides from a giant for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. This is about where my fanny pack snapped, my hat strap broke and my camera went missing. I kept my hopes up that I would see all of my prized possessions again soon and remained positive. Grimes played all dressed up like a zombie woman with thundering bass, and you couldn’t hear her voice unless you were dead center stage. Mumford and Sons played a bang-on perfect set, and I miraculously knew every word.

The next morning, I was relieved to find out Brad had my camera and then even more relieved when Naomi turned up my fannypack. Friends are useful and fun too!

This is what the campsite looks like from the roof of a bus.

P.O.S. had a shaker of a party on Monday playing more fun music and less anti-establishment punk-hop.

P.O.S. having fun with it.

Later on we watched the Lumineers and then hustled up the hill to double up on Alt-J but the sound at the Bigfoot stage is just not ideal. The Lumineers were great though.

The Lumineers played a song from the VIP viewing area in the middle of the crowd.

That’s all folks.

Peace out Sasquatch.


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