Sasquatch Music Festival Day 2

Day 2 at the Gorge found massive dance parties and the first of many family photos. We started the day off with a standard 3 km walk through the campsites to find more friends. What we found was some friendly Americans who work Budweiser and challenged us to a game of flip-cup with their beer, that turned into best of 5. Then we found a trampoline…

USA vs. CAN flip cup round robin.

My socializing was cut short at 1pm by Bear Mountain‘s set, but I knew their large Vancouver following of fans would surely bring more friends. They played a fantastic set, setting the stage for what was going to be an amazing Saturday at Sasquatch.

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain

I found some Vancouver friends and Ian or Greg’s baby’s momma.

Team Neon from Vancouver, BC.

Bear Mtn’s newest bandmember

Robert Delong was up next, but all I could think about was the interview I has scheduled with ZZ Ward for 2:45. RD entertained the crowd using auto-tuned vocals, joysticks, and wii controllers to make every synthesized sound under the sun.

Robert Delong

ZZ Ward cancelled but I didn’t know because I had my data turned off. I wanted to get her to model a Thuggie so we were all bumbed she didn’t show and we went back to the campsite and had a party with Justin Long. Caught a bit of Divine Fits later on and bumped into the Bear Mountain bros in the crowd there.

Kyle, Ian and Greg from Bear Mountain.

Kyle, Ian and Greg from Bear Mountain.

Divine Fits

Then the group photos started. I was taking a casual 5-person photo of my friends, then I thought it would be funny to invite everybody else walking by to join the family photo, saying “I just need two more”. Eventually the group swells to 60 or so people and I can no longer fit them all in my frame. This turned into a reoccurring activity, happening at least 5 more times.

Family photo #1

We make friends fast.

More partying ensued as we caught acts like TEED and Laidback Luke at the dance tent.

Dance tent crowd.


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