Sasquatch Music Festival Day 1

I attacked Sasquatch with a bit of a different tactic this year; it was a shit show from the get-go. My Canadian comrades and I navigated our way down to Eastern Washington in a (big for an Asian) RV in a record setting 13 hours from Vancouver. We didn’t even get caught up in all of that bridge collapse chaos…so we’re off to a good start. Needless to say the drinks were flowing since hour one. So we’re in staging to get into the damn campgrounds even though we paid for the fancy terrace camping this year, and its just turtling along, so I get out of the moho and wander around taking blurry photos and making friends I wont remember. The RV lurches forward tossing me to the ground and I find myself under our neighbors bumper one lane over with a sore hand and bleeding leg. My dear sister in law rushes to my rescue and I take a sit for the rest of the night.

andrew and sisi

Captain of the moho and my sister in law who saved my life.

Now onto Day 1. I find my Thuggies buddies camped nearby and we trade stories about our trips down here and then adventure off into tent city in search of more friends. One aunt Jemima photo shoot later and its 4pm and ZZ Ward is opening up the main stage. I take a couple photos of her killing it and then scooch off up the hill to check out some Vancouver homies, the Japandroids.

ZZ Ward opens the festival main stage with bubbles.

Japandroids at the Bigfoot Stage.

Japandroids crowd.

The Japandroids crowd is going bonkers and are really fun to shoot, but I’m torn because I wish I was with my friends dancing and partying so I ditch and go look for somebody to kick it with. What a lovely surprise it is to bump into my favorite Edmonton ladies who I met at Sasquatch last year. I find them walking around in formation and we get on down to Built for Spill at the main stage and get our groove on. I pull an A.D.D. move and wander off to take photos of something that is not even half as cool as hanging out with my friends would have been.

Edmonton birds.

I finally find my Vancouver friends and we watch Macklemore and then twerk out at Bauuer.

Twerking at Bauuer.

More photos here and here


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