New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013

Everyday at Jazz Fest started off with a little musical healing at the Gospel tent, strategically situated as the first tent through the gates. It was nice to hear a few upbeat choral songs before making our way on to the multitude of other stages located on the fairgrounds. I think because of the generally older crowd that this festival draws, there are lots of hardcore fans, setting up their chairs and umbrella early in the day to catch maybe only one act they want to see later on. Usually the whole old folks and chairs thing is  pretty annoying when you want to dance, but the whole front section of every stage is reserved for just that. It was really cool to see people dressed up in silly costumes and toting long flag poles or fishing rods flying a (usually home-made) flag. Friday and Saturday had splendid weather and the music was even better. Sunday puked rain, but we were fortunate to make friends with a Latino crowd (Belize, Columbia, Honduras, all over) that had staked out the Congo Stage for Juan Luis Guerra, and let us find refuge under their large tarp. Later, it proved worthwhile, when the sky opened up and Juan Luis drew the biggest crowd to that stage of the weekend. We closed down the night seeking shelter under the packed Blues tent, where we stood waiting for B.B. King to take the stage. After a long but probably well warranted delay (he’s 87 with type II diabetes) he took to the stage and slayed the guitar to the mass approval of the packed tent.
IMG_1840 IMG_1831 IMG_1817 IMG_1803 IMG_1802
IMG_2163IMG_2166IMG_2251IMG_2082IMG_2079IMG_2036IMG_1999IMG_1976 IMG_2240




More photos here


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