New Orleans, LA

After Coachella I convinced my mom to meet me in New Orleans for a week-long mom-son vacation and to catch the Jazz Fest that wknd. We covered a lot of ground in that week: beignets at Cafe du Monde, WWII museum, Audubon Park, Magazine Street shops, Warehouse district art galleries, Ninth Ward bike tour, Frenchman St. music and much more.  It puked rain two of the seven days we were there but at least the sun came out afterward. The infamous Bourbon street had no draw to me whatsoever; maybe because I was travelling with my mom, or maybe because I’ve been to VBottom line, New Orleans is a fabulous city. The people are so friendly and laid back, always stopping to give directions or lend advice. The food is mouth-watering, encompassing all of the flavours created by the melting pot of cultures in the area. There is music and art everywhere; walking home at the end of the night we would pass at least three groups busking, drawing crowds to their skillful sounds that were often better than most of the groups performing in the bars. The neighbourhoods are very charming, from the elegant and excessive Garden District homes to the rustic shotguns in the Marigny.
I definitely plan on returning here.

IMG_1711IMG_1738IMG_1912 IMG_1910 IMG_1893 IMG_1891 IMG_1755 IMG_1754 IMG_1744 IMG_1737 IMG_1718 IMG_1715 IMG_1713 IMG_1693 IMG_1671 IMG_1670

IMG_1773 IMG_1869


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