Laos and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sapa to Laos was a killer bus ride. But when I got to Muang Khua I was welcomed with smiling faces, chilled out, and not trying to sell you everything. We bargained with a guy to take his boat down the Nam Ou to Nong Kiau instead of spending the night to wait for another bus. We spent the night in a tight little spot for 4$ a room. The moutains loomed up from the river making me feel pretty tiny amongst this massive gorgeous wilderness. The next day a bus took us to Laung Prabang. We relaxed there for a couple days and then hit the tubing town, Vang Vieng, Laos. We met a couple wild girls from Brighton, England and kicked it with them for the rest of our trip. The tubing in Vang Vieng is not what it used to be but is still a refreshing activity. Blue Lagoon is another must-do in Vang Vieng. After too many hazy nights in Vang Vieng we took off to Chiang Mai. Went to the zoo. Visited another hospital. Saw some art. Booked a flight.
IMG_1283_1 IMG_1279_1 IMG_1116gradcropfb IMG_1151fb IMG_1185_2 IMG_1159fb IMG_1238_1 IMG_1253_1 IMG_1324_1 IMG_1347_1IMG_1424bwcropfbIMG_1446fbIMG_1506fbIMG_1505fbIMG_1449fbIMG_1488fb_1 IMG_1444fb_1More photos on Facebook: here and here


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