Northern Vietnam

Riding motorbikes through Vietnam can be the most frustrating thing in the world, trying to explain whats wrong with your 300$ bike at a shop where nobody speaks English. It is also the best way to see the countryside and rural towns that would be missed otherwise. Not to mention the bonus of having your own transportation when you get somewhere that you want to explore. From Saigon we headed East to Vung Tau and ate some over priced seafood and did karaoke with some locals. We relaxed on the beach in the Russian-invaded tourist town of Mui Ne. The next section of road up into the hills of Southern Vietnam to Da Lat was my favorite. We mashed together a couple long riding days to make it to Hoi An for Chinese New Year, and then failed my booking a room in a hotel nowhere near any festivities. Spent a day in Hue. Saw Marble mountains and Monkey Mountain. The last stretches of road into Hanoi were treacherous. My chain kept coming off, tires went flat, bikes wouldn’t start. We figured it out though and kept trucking down the Number 1 highway that runs the length of the country and is packed with bicycles, motorcycles, semi trucks, pedestrians, tour busses, animals, and more often than not is undergoing construction. Filthy and exhausted we arrived relieved in Hanoi and settled down for a few days where we sold our bikes, went to a dubstep show, went to the Hanoi Social Club for amazing meals, did a 2-day boat cruise in Halong Bay, and then boarded a night train to Sapa. We were unlucky with foggy whether in Sapa and trudged on, the same day, to Laos.IMG_1085cropfb IMG_1075blur_1 IMG_1031grad_1 IMG_0886bw_1 IMG_0876gradfb IMG_0734gradient_1 IMG_0784gradfb IMG_0807fb IMG_0842bwfbMore photos on Facebook: here, here, here, and here


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