Sled Island 2012 Day 2

Thursday I had planned to check out the East Village Block Party featuring a skate jam, some vendors, a beer garden, and a couple of the festival’s hottest EDM musicians. Since that didn’t kick off until 4PM I ventured out to Inglewood to find The Area. The Area is an indoor/outdoor zone that welcomes all. It is the hippest scene I have encountered in Calgary featuring a vegetable garden, caesars, hotdogs, art, and an old shed where the bands were performing.

The Area

Korean Gut I stumbled across Vancouver’s Korean Gut and absolutely fell in love. Their infectious surf garage rock and shed-stomping pop songs had The Area packed; people were peering in the windows and lined up out the doorway just to get a peek at what all the hype was about. The young four-piece, two guys/two girls ensemble is a thrill to watch perform. They have a chemistry that just works. The drummer is the happiest chick I have ever seen and she kills percussion like nobody’s business. Don’t miss a chance to see Korean Gut play in Vancouver.

East Village Block Party

The East Village in Calgary is touted as the newest, oldest, coolest warmest neighborhood. It’s not complete yet but there have been massive improvements along the Bow River and sponsoring Sled Island is a good way to spread the hype. I don’t want to sound too much like a used car salesman, but being at the Block Party had me wondering what it would take to afford a new East Vil condo.

Max Ulis from Vancouver, BC is classic electronic dance music. He is a producer/DJ and part owner of 10pinrecords. His set at 7:30, midway through the blockparty was a turning point in the evening. At that point the dance floor had been relatively empty but by the end of his set it was packed with people of all ages moving and grooving to his upbeat party tracks.

HUMANS The Vancouver duo uses electronic synths and mixers in their performance, but they complement their sound with live vocals and instruments, creating a connection with the audience that can not be replicated by your standard bro hunched over a laptop. You could tell that people were excited for HUMANS because nobody wanted to give up primo dance spots in front of the stage. The band came on at 8:15 just as the daylight was about to fade into night. As the sun was setting onto the EDM duo they didn’t shade their eyes, they just played harder. The crowd ate it up and frantically flooded across the dance floor and around both sides of the stage. If they didn’t know HUMANS before this, they became pretty familiar as everybody chimed in, “who knew, all we had to was party?” on the catchiest track of the night, “Avec Mes Mecs”.

Flosstradamus is a classic dj; you know the kind that actually uses records. He is able to bring the old school record scratching and combine that with new school dubstep to create a timeless masterpiece. Floss played a bunch of hits that had the crowd hopping, my favorite of which was a Major Lazer remix. I can’t remember anything past this point, but here are some photos from the other bands I saw that night:


Sheer Agony

Royal Canadian Legion #1

The British Columbians

HiFi Club


Smalltown DJs & DJ Pump

More photos here.


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